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  Time reporting 
◦  ADP WorkForce Now

  Expense reporting
◦  Concur

  Financial benefits
  Milliman Benefits - 401(k) plan

  Health & wellness benefits

  Comprehensive Learning Center
◦  ADP WorkForce Now > Resources > Company Information > My Tools > Comprehensive Learning Center


  Teleconference Tools

 Frequently Asked Questions:SkypeZoom
How do I update my profile picture?  
Download and install the App  
Download and install the Outlook Scheduling Plugin  
How do I join an existing meeting?  
How do I schedule a new meeting?  
Integrate Outlook Calendar Availability & Outlook Contacts  Outlook Calendar Availability
& Contacts integrate auto-magically       
How can I text-chat with coworkers in real-time?
(Once you have installed the App and signed-in using your 1021 email, you can search for coworkers by following the instructions here)


 Where can I find additional training materials? 

  Where can I access my Outlook Calendar?

  Contacts & Directories
  My Contacts & General Directory
  1021 Contacts Search

  Office 365
  What if I can't login?
  OneDrive - Online file sharing & backup
  SharePoint - Intranet and organizational wiki
  Conference room calendars

  Office 2019
  Install Office    

  Enterprise UW    


  iPhone Apps and Home Screen bookmarks
  U-Link   (documentation here, follow instructions on page 4 to create your Home Screen bookmark)



  • Teach.SEIU.org
    At Teach.SEIU.org, SEIU members and staff can find resources and best practices, share their resources with the union, get connected with other staff and members, and collaborate in learning communities

  • JOIN1021.org
    Online sign-up, digital member application

  • 1021 New Member Welcome Video
    Training video for New Employee Orientations, etc

  • 1021 Bargaining Agreements
    The bargaining agreements and contracts which cover our represented members